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New in Radio Land

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Singled Out has been blessed to be on air for almost 3 months. However, moving forward, I am raising money for the next year of "Singled out". 

It costs hundreds of dollars to be on air every month and I do not to charge my guests to be on the show
You can support by

texting "stories" to 53-555

Or by clicking either of the button links. One is for and the other is for GoFundMe. GiveButter handles text Donations. 

September is




What does this mean for Singled out? Click here to find out.

Most Popular Episodes

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In this episode, I delve into what it means to tell the truth, even when there are implications. This episode also covers the Tik Tok obsession with labeling ourselves


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When most Christians think about worship, they think about the traditional worship where you are in church. However, in this episode, Sofia Leavitt and I explore what "True Worship" really is and how that impacts how we live our everyday


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episode 3:  How to deal with pain as a christian+ Why does God let bad things happen?

Nasrin never thought she would live in a life where she couldn't drive or walk. However, when she gets into a series car accident one morning, her life changes for good. Suddenly, she is challenged with wondering why God allows bad things to happen to good people. In this episode, you will learn how to walk through hard things as a christian. 


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earlier episodes:  Dealing with skincare issues in your 20s and the plight of sustainable beauty

Many places discuss skincare issues in your teens, but not many talk about how you can deal with skincare issues in your 20s and beyond. In this episode, we talked with Jada B, the Owner of sustainable skincare brand "Naturally Bodied" about the benefit of switching to sustainable products.


earlier episodes:  How to read your bible better

According to a study by the Ponce Foundation, 82 percent of Christians' only read their bible on Sundays while in church. It is difficult to walk a set apart christian lifestyle when you don't read the instruction manual. So, in this episode, I share tips on how to make bible reading easier to make it a daily habit!

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Common questions

  • When does Singled Out come out every week?

Singled Out premieres every Thursday at 10:30 AM EST. 

  • How can I listen live to the show?

You can listen live:

Turn your radio dial to 99.1 WQEE in your car if you live in the Newnan, Sharpsburg, Palmetto area.

  • Is there any social media I can follow?

Instagram: @Singledout._

  • Were you featured on any other radio shows?

I started my radio show journey on "Hope Healing and Inspiration" with Tricia Pounds and then transitioned to my own show. 

  • How can I support Singled Out?

You can support Singled Out by dropping a Youtube comment on the station (Singled Out Radio Podcast), follow the show on instagram, or by watching some of the past episodes. You can also donate throughout Septemeber to keeping "Singled Out" on th

  • What station is "Singled Out" a part of? 

Singled Out is part of 99.1 WQEE the Key 

  • Is Singled Out a Christian Station?

Gabrielle Denise is a bible-based christian. Therefore, her show naturally adresses things through this lens. However, many of the shows are enjoyable listens to people from all religious backgrounds

  • Can I listened to Singled Out if I am not a christian?

See above.

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