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 Since When did Single Mean Sad is available in multiple formats to suit all types of readers. The Kindle edition of the book is available on Amazon for those of you who don't mind using a separate notebook to write your answers! 

  For those of you who want the flexibility of a physical book without necessarily paying for the hardcover book, there is an amazon paperback edition. 

  Last, for those of you who want a book that will last we have a hardcover edition also available. 

Scroll below to look inside the book and to click to be taken directly to the shop pages! 

  Signed hard copy books are coming soon to a store near you. Become a V.I.P. member to be one of the first to grab one! 

Since When Did Single Mean Sad

Look inside of the book 

Just like Amazon has a "Look inside" feature, I have decided to include a look inside feature here for your convenience! 

* Some pages and/or attributes may be missing or modified.

Click on the pictures to purchase the book. 
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Coming soon to More retailers! 

I have found that the most popular version of the book is by far the hardcover version of the book. The main difference between the kindle version of the book and the physical copies of the book is in the front matter. Some of the front matter in the kindle book has been left out due to the nature of the book. Therefore for the full reader expereince, it is reccommended the you purchase one of the phyiscal copies! 

_ Sincerely, 

Gabrielle Denise 

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