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Black woman content with christianity

Maybe you have a deadline coming up

Or You have an essay to write and you have no idea where to begin

Or Your book needs proofreading

Or You need a professional email to send to a potential client

But when you look at the page, your mind goes blank. You are frustrated and missing this deadline could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars or your whole grade.

Statistics show that chronic stress increases your chance of cardiovascular events (heart attack)









And share the Love of Jesus 

What if I told you that You can:


  • Be part of creating an amazing masterpiece

  • Reduce your stress and chance of heart attacks 

  • And Get that A or that High paying client 

  • Without joining a course or shelling out 100s of dollars?


When you work with me, you are guaranteed to get an amazing piece of writing that not only accomplishes your goal, but that makes you stand out in the crowd

black woman looking at the camera

Time is running out

Don't let your plane leave without you on it. Book a call and save your heart.

Do you need website help? (1).png

What do you need to fly? 

An airline ticket 


Your website is the ticket to high paying gigs, leads, and more money in your pocket.


However, creating a good one is time consuming (I would know, I've created dozens). Let me take over the job by creating your website for you! 

Credentials: Graduated with a Degree in Communications/graphic design, made this website from scratch, have created dozens of websites, worked at a PR agency to design marketing materials 

What makes me different

100% satisfaction guarenteed

Unlimited revisions 

Websites are made from scratch- All websites created by me are made from scratch and not from website templates, which means you will receive a unique look to stand out from the crowd

A reasonable price- Because I am still building my portfolio, I am currently offering affordable website pricing, but it won't be this way forever so..

Interested? Book a Free 10-minute Discovery Call, and let's get started today!

Not ready to fly yet?

That's Totally Ok. 

In Marketing, there is something called the Rule of 7, which states that someone has to hear the advertiser's message 7 times before they make a move.

Take some time to pray, and look around. And in the meantime, take advantage of these freebies!  Also, become a frequent flyer, so when you are ready to fly, you don't have to look for your ticket! 

Thanks for giving my business a thought! Here's a special sticker just for you.
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