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Your life matters, and you have a story to tell. Even if it doesn't feel like it 

  • Suicide was responsible for 48,183 deaths in 2021
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for young people age 15-24

Here at Singled Out, we are 

Holding Hands

partnering with other societies in the cause to bring awareness to suicide

Numbers to contact


24/7 confidential and free support for people in crisis and distress. 

Teens in Maricopa County, Arizona: 602-248-8336 (TEEN)
Teens outside of Maricopa County {In Arizona}: 1-800-248-8336 (TEEN)

Articles/ Information

What is the connection between Depression and Drug Addiction?

Impact, Experiencing the Unthinkable (Grief after loss of someone by suicide) by Elizabeth Harper Neeld.  Click to read

Tips from Survivors: To a mom who blames herself by Susan Auerbach.  Click to read

What is Suicide Postvention? by Ken Norton.  Click to read

Words Matter. Learning how to talk about suicide in a hopeful, respectable way has the power to save lives by Camh. Click to read

JJ's Hello: Find resources, information, and get connected Click to read

Free eBooks Click to read

Why I am Dedicated to this cause

In 2020, I decided that I wanted to end my life. I had been battling with a long journey of mental illness and I felt unseen and unheard. A year prior, I had lost my childhood best friend to suicide 

I will never forget how that felt and the shame was so real. Through therapy, and lots of love, I survived those ideations. 

But I am now dedicated to connecting people who are struggling like I was to resources where they can find help. 

Obtain a Kit 


JJ's Hello offers mental health kits to schools, therapists, and community members. The kits have tools to aid in helping youth in a mental health crisis. If you are interested in obtaining a kit, please click this button below. 

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