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You need to know things about my book "Since When Did Single Mean Sad."

Updated: May 22

Some things have been brought to my attention regarding my novel that I feel need to be cleared up.

#1- My book is about my experience as a young Christian woman in her 20s. Therefore, most information is backed by biblical knowledge and scientific evidence. However, some of my ideas and theories are included in the novel, and not everything will apply to everyone.

#2- I do not claim to be a medical doctor, psychologist, or trauma counselor by writing and publishing this book.

#3- The book is a Guided journal with 30 days of content. Therefore, to get the full results of the book, you must read through the whole thing and take the time to digest all of the prompts fully. In the front portion of the book, I listed a fully comprehensive chart of getting the most out of this book.

#4- You might disagree- We live in a world that is so set on proving that we are right in everything we do. Therefore, if anything is said or done to go against the grain, you are causing trouble. I understand the conversation about being single and unhappy can be slightly touchy. However, I believe that this conversation is also too important not to have. Therefore, if you read my book and it is not your cup of tea, please set it on your shelf or give it to a friend. However, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from personally attacking anyone.

#5- No copyright- Copyright and plagiarism were emphasized to me in my school and during my college tenure. Therefore, it is something I am very familiar with. It was to the point where we knew that if we were caught plagiarizing content, we could be kicked out of the program. That said, I made every effort when creating "Since When Did Single Mean Sad" to cite every source I used in Chicago Style format in the back of the book. Not cited ideas are conclusions I drew from my life experiences and downloads I received from God.

#6- Though everyone can read my book, my target audience is as follows (these are the people who will most likely relate to many of the experiences in this novel. However, outliers do apply.):

Young women and men

Between the ages of early high school to 23 years of age

Christian background (preferably or believe in spirituality)


Now that all of this is out of the way, I want to say that if you are interested in my book, I would be honored if you picked up the book. You can purchase it here:

Thank you, Gabrielle Carter

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