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This Tip will Make your Bible Reading Easier

Have you ever cracked open your bible to read a passage and realize that it must be in a different language because the words don't make sense?

If so, I totally understand. This was me a little while ago. If this is you, you're not alone! A study from 2021 found that only 11 percent of adults read the Bible daily.

However, when you don't read the Bible, it can lead to epidemics like what occurred in this video.

So, how do you read the whole Bible effectively and understand it? The answer is quite simple.

You have to be intentional with it.

Have you ever done something halfheartedly? Maybe you set out to diet and cut out something, but you snuck in a few cheat snacks daily. Or maybe you committed to stop cursing but found yourself using curse words to impress people around you. Almost always, when you did those things halfheartedly, you probably failed.

Bible reading is a lot like this.

The Bible is unique from other books in that it was written long ago and has an exciting mix of regular prose writing and poems/ sonnets. So, if you want to be able to decipher the passages and apply them to your life, you have to be able to go through the passages slowly and pick out the significant points.

I know I may not be explaining this in the best way possible. This is why this week's radio episode that delved into five tips to really dig into reading your Bible may be a way to take your reading to the next level. You can listen to the full episode here. Here's an outline of the tips we discussed in the episode!

>> How to change your mindset to make Bible reading easier

>> How to make Bible reading attractive

>> What is the purpose of supplementary materials?

>> The Role of Community in Understanding the Bible

>> Why you should make Bible reading a routine

But that's not all! The biggest question you might have is

Where do I start when reading the Bible?

The layout of the Bible is 66 Books. It is separated into the new testament, which is more recent and most of which happened after the coming of Christ, and the old testament, which most took place before Christ.

When you start reading the Bible, you will want to read the books that are the easiest to understand so that you don't get too discouraged. Here is my recommendation for some excellent books to read.

1. Proverbs: This book is excellent for rules for life!

2. Genesis: I recommend that everyone trying to read the Bible better reads Genesis because it is the start of everything, and knowing this will lead you through the rest of the Bible.

3. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These are known as the gospels and are the retelling of the same events, mainly from the view of these four men. Many people try to say that to understand the Bible better, you need just to read these chapters, but this makes so much more sense when you review the old testament

4. Judges: Judges is one of the most exciting books of the Bible in that it goes through the lives of people who made a significant impact during their time.

Once you begin to read your Bible intentionally, you will realize that it is not as difficult as many people say it is.

If you like the episode, subscribe to the 99.1 Rock Youtube channel! Videos for my show go live every Thursday at 10:30 am and are a fantastic way to keep up with everything. Thanks for reading,

Gabrielle Denise

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