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The True Cost of Running a radio show

(Hint, It's not what you think)

This September, I am raising money for the radio show "Singled Out." This may leave many of you wondering: How much does it cost to run a radio show, and how much do I get paid to be on air? Currently, I do not receive any monetary benefits from running the radio show. However, I do pay to be on air. Here is a layout of what it costs to run the show for one year.

  1. Monthly fees: $250 a month

This fee covers everything that goes into the show. Including but not limited to equipment, editing, and just the air space. This fee is what I am raising money for this September. However, it is just a small portion of what it truly costs to run the show. The money goes straight to the station.

2. Time: $3,770

I spend 10 hours on the radio show every week. Whether this is the time that it takes to find and contact the show guests, the time it takes to write out the questions and the script, or the time that it takes to edit the episodes and post them on social media, the time cost of running the show is the most expensive part of running the show. Thankfully, I love what I do and have seen the impact that the show has on people so I am willing to sacrifice this. The number is made keeping the minimum wage in Georgia in mind and multiplying it by 52 weeks.

3. My website: $269 a year (22.40 a month)

As of right now, my website has its renewal fees coming up and to be fully transparent, I don't have the money to renew it. This website is the best thing for the business in that it is a one-stop show for everyone who wants to know more about the show and learn about Christianity.

4. Sunk costs: $900

To run the show every month, I upgraded the equipment I had in my home studio. Currently, my mic costs 50 dollars and my laptop costs the remaining amount of $900. I call these sunk costs because they are an investment in my business that I will never get back. But, I have pride in knowing that when people listen to Singled Out, they are hearing the best of the best.

Total cost: $7,939

This is why I am raising money this September. Because every year it costs me money to put this show on air. That being said, the only money I am trying to cover is the top fee (the $250 a month) because I currently am on the search for reliable businesses to sponsor the show. My greatest passion is ensuring that the sponsors I choose love God as much as I do and have a passion for spreading God's love. Until then, I am supporting the station all on my own.

If you were touched by this, and would like to support please text "STORIES" to 53-555, or visit the radio show page here and donate online until September 30th.

All people who donate will be featured on the show on October 5th and be posted on the website!

Thank you so much for reading this

Gabrielle Denise

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