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Need Social Proof? We got FEATURED on a Review Site!

Updated: May 22

"I was almost 43, and my dear OH was 39 before I got married; so, being a Christian woman, I wondered what the Bible says about remaining single." -R.L. Morgan

These are a few sentences from the in-depth review that was posted on Amazon and on the "Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman blog". The blog is run by retired employee Robin Leigh who has posted over 1,000 book reviews on Amazon. The best part about the review is that is obvious that effort was put into highlighting what the book "Since When did Single Mean Sad" is about

You can check out the full review Here and Here

What this means for you

I know that many of you reading this website fall into two categories. Category 1 is that you are new to the website Positively Gabrielle Writes and are pretty interested in the content. However, you had not read the book "Since when did Single Mean Sad" yet because you are unsure if it is the correct book for you.

For you all, I hope this review gives you a little bit of confidence in the book's quality and may entice you to research more about the book and possibly press the "Buy button."

The second camp of you all falls into the category where you had read "Since When Did Single Mean Sad," and you own a copy of the novel. However, for any reason, you have not finished the book. Or, you finished it and have not taken the time to write a review of it. I pray that this review is a reminder to finish the book and leave a review. I appreciate and read all Amazon Reviews, and if it is a great review, I will press the "Helpful" button on Amazon, which gives you Amazon clout!

Whichever camp you belong in, I hope you go to the links and support a fellow author and blogger who is doing her job to help promote products and help small businesses and authors succeed. No money was exchanged to get posted on this review site, so the review was 100 percent honest!

My Testimony of being single

Hearing Leigh's testimony about being single inspired me to share my testimony about being single. For many years, I felt ashamed about my testimony because I was afraid that it would make me seem like I was unwanted, but over time I realized that my testimony was where my strength lay.

I had an interest in men and boys early on. During the fourth grade, I strongly remember that I had my first crush on this cute and shy Hispanic boy. We would talk to each other all the time and for some reason, I imagined his house because he showed me the general direction of it while we were on the playground at recess. From that one conversation, my boy's craziness began. In 5th grade, I had a crush on one of the dudes in my class who was the self-proclaimed " Cool" dude.

At the end of 5th grade, we learned about the birds and the bees and everything changed for me. I found myself falling deeper into the boy craziness. But I also found myself being scared and timid about body parts and relationships. My parents (love them to death) did not tell me a lot of things like about kissing and stuff like that, so most of the stuff I learned about relationships was through the jokes that my middle school friends made.

In middle school, I hung around guys almost exclusively and in 6th grade, I fell in love. They say a lot of things about your first love. Like how it changes you forever and you never forget them. I can confirm that this was true for me. My first love person was someone who I interacted with daily for hours at a time. We would spend this time talking to each other and flirting back and forth. They were smart and kind. But because of my lack of knowledge of relationships, I never made a move. And then in 7th grade, the love of my life moved away and I was markedly changed forever.

Somehow, I survived middle school without getting pregnant or getting into a relationship, but to be honest, I was still thinking that relationships and God had nothing to do with each other. In high school, everything changed. I started to see all of my friends and people I cared about getting into relationships. So, I started to do everything I could to be cool and "wanted" by men. During my junior year, I asked out my best guy friend at the time and he liked me back. We had an on-and-off dating relationship until my first year of college when he asked me to be his girlfriend to my parents and I ended up telling him that I was not ready for a relationship.

I graduated in May with Honors from high school having never been in a relationship. Though I did have my first kiss and that was interesting. And I made a pact then that I wanted to keep myself pure until I was married.

To be honest, at first, I was doing well. Until I wasn't. I quickly realized that being celibate on a college campus where almost everyone was having sex was not only difficult but impossible. It is at this point that I discovered a work-around to avoiding losing my virginity and that was through "fellatio".

All of a sudden I was trading fluids with guys sometimes weekly. And I truly believed that doing this was not against God's word. I did not realize that it was leading me into temptation. That all led up to the bigger issue which was the craving to go further with men. All of the fellatio compounded until I lost my virginity. I talk about this more in-depth in "Since when did Single Mean Sad" but I was truly changed after that moment.

The pandemic came and God pierced my heart. He told me that he wanted me to be single and to take a break from pursuing all men. I did not know it then but that was when "Since when did Single Mean Sad" was born.

Since When did Single mean Sad is a cumulation of everything that I learned in my 10-plus years of being single. I was single in elementary school when kids were calling each other out for having cooties and experimenting with kissing. I was single through middle school where it was completely normal to see people making out at different times while walking to class. I was single throughout high school where if you did not have a boyfriend, you were seen as being "unwanted" or "unattractive". And albeit from a few situations in college, I was single throughout the time when the world preaches that you will find your soulmate.

My goal in writing the novel is to get rid of the rumor and the idea that you have to conform to the world's view of singleness. The book is the thing that I am most proud of and I hope that the reviews and my testimony give you proof that you too can be single and satisfied.

Did I convince you? Purchase my novel today here!

Thank you again to R.L. Morgan for the in-depth review

Your Penpal friend,

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