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10 Unique Solo date ideas

Updated: May 22

These solo date ideas are great ways to integrate self-care and self-love into your life.

The people are making smores while solo dating

I have added dollar signs to signify how expensive each date idea is, with one $ being the least costly and $$ plus being the most expensive!

1. ($) Go on a picnic and a hike: Hiking is a great way to get outside in the sunshine and is suitable for your mental health. According to a scientific study, 42 percent of Americans do not get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause everything from depression, anxiety, cancer, and heart disease. So, next time you long to get outside of the house, grab a blanket and head out to get some excellent Vitamin D.

a woman goes on a hike. Solo dating

2. ($$) Have a movie night: My family and I create a POPCORN BAR every time we watch movies! Here is my straightforward recipe.

person eating popcorn. popcorn bar diy

You will need


Your chocolate of choice ( I love Kit Kats because they melt so good in the warm popcorn)

Sour gummy worms


Caramel or chocolate sauce


Pop your popcorn of choice

Place into a large bowl.

If you are making the bowl for yourself, you can mix your toppings into the popcorn. However, if you are using this recipe for multiple people, you will want to place each ingredient into small bowls. Then let the people pick and choose what they want to put in their popcorn!

4. ($-$$) Make smores and camp inside: Do you remember when you were a kid, and you would make pillow forts? To make a pillow fort, you will need some couch cushions, pillows, and a few blankets. One way to feel special is to hang lights up in your pillow fort (or in your tent if you end up pitching it inside) and watch a movie and eat stove-made smores.

5. ($$$) Go out to eat at a restaurant: I know many people who are often pretty fearful of going out to eat by themselves. After all, what would happen if someone were to come by and see you dining alone? However, when I was out at a restaurant and saw someone eating by themselves, I felt pretty proud of them because it is something that I would not do. As I started to eat out more, I noticed a large number of single people enjoying their time and eating alone. They almost always seem to be having a great time. Also, bonus points if you get dressed up and drive to a restaurant that is a little farther out than where you would usually go.

restaraunt, solo dating 2022

6. ($) Go on a drive and play your favorite music: I have a secret to admit to you all, and it is a little bit embarrassing. I love driving and singing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs. People who see me driving are probably often scrunching up their eyebrows and wondering what exactly is going on. Some of my favorite playlists are listed on

7. Play with your pets and get them a gift: Did you know that a large population of people spend Valentine’s day with their pets? Some people go so far as to buy their pets gifts. If this is you, comment on what you do for valentines day with your pet.

a cat and a dog looking at each other!

8. ($$$) Go out for a massage: Heated massages are good for the muscles, but they can also help with stress and relaxation.

9. ($$) Cook yourself an excellent meal: If you have a free Friday night where you are not planning on doing anything, cooking is a great way to kill time. One of my favorite “nice meals” to cook is steaks. They are a little more expensive than the average meal, but you will save more money by cooking the steak yourself than by going out to eat at a restaurant.

10. ($$$) Do something adventurous: Many couples will often do pretty adventurous things to foster a sense of connection between them and the other person. However, raising your adrenaline is a great way to romanticize your life and keep it more interesting. Some adventurous things you can do include kayaking, going skydiving, seeing some animals, and trying some new foods.

a person skydiving

Your internet pen pal,

Positively Gabrielle

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