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My Guided Journal Cover and Title Reveal! ( Finally! Thanks for your patience)

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

When God told me to write a book in August 2020, I never knew I would get this far.

Short anecdote: I am TERRIBLE at finishing things. In my recent blog post about " How to Write a Book Step by Step," I made fun of myself by talking about how I usually have a notebook of over 50+ ideas and Never complete any of them. The fact that I got this far into this project shows that God had to be behind it. With the Title Reveal and the Cover Reveal, I will also be revealing the social media banner, which you can share with your friends and family!

But First... The Title Reveal

I have to thank my Beta reading team: Hannah White, Talya White, Antonio Shackleford, Judah Norman, Michael Stewart, and Jalynn Thompson, For helping me to choose a name! There were so many Great title names

  • Celebrating Your Season of Singleness

  • Seasoned and Single

  • Girl Please, You don't Need a Man

  • Single Doesn't Have to mean Sad

  • + A few more!!

So... Which one is it?

None of those. The title is:

"Since When did Single Mean Sad?"! (AKA SWDSMS)

Why did I choose this title?

When I thought about the attitude that I wanted my book to embody, I first thought about how I wanted it to be sassy and make a real statement. So many times, Christians are timid or silent about the topic of singleness. We focus so much on spending our season of singleness on Finding a future husband, which is fine! I even have a blog post about journal prompts for your future husband.


What if I told you that your single season is one of the most critical times you can prepare yourself and find your purpose? In a few weeks, I will also be sharing the Table of contents of the book, which goes through all of the topics included in the book.

This name, overall, just seemed like such a perfect fit for the overall vibe that I was going for!

The Cover

You all saw the... slightly embarrassing covers that I posted on my website a couple of months ago. Even though this did the job, it is not the way that I wanted to enter my book into the world as an author.

A lot of thought went into creating my actual book cover. But I have to thank Chariz Abucejo and the crew over at 100 Covers for taking my ideas and turning them into a fantastic reality. Here are my thoughts on my 100 Covers experience:

If you are looking for a company that will work with you to turn your dreams into an amazing and shareable cover that looks professional and will set you apart in the book world, I recommend working with 100 covers. The costs are extremely reasonable and you get unlimited edits to make sure that you are happy with your purchase!

And now, enough stalling. I am proud to release the cover for Since When did Single Mean Sad!

The cover perfectly captures what I wanted the book to be about. The pretty silhouette on the cover represents the woman that I aspire to be. Fearless and beautiful and changing. The hearts at the bottom represent how, in the book, I was able to talk about the subject of love and finding it while also focusing on learning to love both God and myself. Last but not least, the butterflies represent the process that butterflies go through to fly. I go through each of these subjects more in-depth in the book.

Here is why you should sign up for my email list

For a certain amount of time

The Book will be on sale for $0.99-$1.99

That is less than the price of a candy bar!!!

This means that for less than $5.00, you can learn how to stop being ashamed of being single. Are you tired of people telling you that "there are more fish in the sea?" or "That love comes when you aren't looking?" Then this book is for you.

Finally... Here is the shareable social media image

I sincerely hope that this blog post convinced you as to why you need to purchase a copy of this guided journal and be a part of the email list.

See ya in your inbox!

Your writing pal,

Gabrielle Denise :)

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