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12 Easy Ways to find inspiration & Stop Writer's Block

Updated: May 23

Inspiration is a beautiful thing but trying to find inspiration can be difficult.

Here are some of the best things that I do to help my inspiration grow.

1. Figure out when you are at your peak: I used to think that I could be inspired at any time. So, I would get upset when I found that I could not find inspiration during the afternoon. However, I started to notice that my peak creativity time was between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am. When I began to do my creative tasks at this time, my life changed. I no longer had to force myself to find inspiration because the inspiration would ebb out of me.

3 Questions to find your peak

- What time do you get up? (Be honest)

- When is the time that you usually get the craving to want to make something new?

- When do you feel the most energized?

2. Find out people who are doing what you are doing: There is so much power in connecting with and watching people doing what you are doing

3. Make a power playlist: Somewhere between elementary and middle school, I found out that I work best when listening to tunes. 4. Get out in nature: I believe that God meant for humans to be in nature because I get this amazing feeling every time I am outside . Nothing unscrews a stuck brain for me like a run around the neighborhood.

5. Carry a notebook with you everywhere: Inspiration strikes in the weirdest times. I will give you an example of some odd places I got inspired: on the toilet, while building something, while walking to class, and while singing. When I used to work full-time, I would carry a notebook to write down my ideas because I had unlimited thinking time, and I would often come up with ideas then end up forgetting them. 6. Get around people who make you happy: I have found that when I am surrounded by people who love and appreciate me, I feel a lot better about myself, which makes me more creative.

7. Plant something: Just like being out in nature, having your hands deep in some dirt can make you feel connected and inspired.

8. Create in the same place every day: If you cannot work at your peak creativity time every day, try to create in the same place every day. This sets your mind up so that when you come and sit down in that place, you automatically get inspiration and don't have to work as hard.

9. Avoid people and places that drain you: One of the biggest mistakes was surrounding myself with people who did not like me. For the longest time, I felt like I did not fit into any particular group, and because of that, I would often settle for less even though I could have done so much better. It took years before I realized that these people were making me overthink everything and feeding my insecurities. It is difficult for insecurity and creativity to be hosted in the same body.

10. Spend time in God's presence: We can't have a blog post without mentioning God and how his word can be such a powerful source. Whenever I have felt sad and drained, spending time in God's presence has helped me feel better about everything.

These were my tips on how to find inspiration! What was your favorite tip? Scriptfully,

Positively Gabrielle

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