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20+EXCELLENT Future Husband Journal Prompts for your Single Season!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The purpose of future husband journaling is visualization. Often, when you are single, it can be easy to fall into a mindset of negativity where you believe that you will never have a significant other. In my novel, “Since When Did Single Mean Sad,” I discuss how the process of Future Husband Journaling mixed with prayer changed my life.

Future Husband Journaling Benefits

It can be a gift to your future partner- Many people decide to gift their Dear Future Husband Journal to their spouses before or shortly after the wedding. Giving your husband a gift from your single season can be a meaningful touch.

It can help you see your growth- Any journaling shows how you grew over time. Even if you never end up sharing anything from this journal, it can be a great way to look back at where you came from

You learn more about what you want in a partner- What better way to find out what you look for in a partner than through the process of journaling to this partner?

There are many ways to go about future husband journaling. Some of the prompts you may use include prayers for your future husband, asking about their day, and more.

General prompts

1. How was your day?

2. Write about what you want in a Future Husband

3. Journal about how your culture sees marriage

4. Write about your relationship history

5. Pray for them

6. Share one of your favorite bible verses with your spouse

7. Tell them what you love most about the idea of a relationship with him

8. Write about how many kids you would like

Bible verses – A great way to journal to your future husband is to write verses of encouragement! Here are some great bible verses

1. Romans 8:28

2. Philippians 4:6-7

3. Genesis 2:18

4. Isaiah 41:10

5. Deuteronomy 31:6

For the Separated Person- Has it been confirmed that someone is your future spouse, but you all got separated for some reason? Here are some ideas to write about

1. Write about how you feel about the separation

2. Tell them about 5 of your favorite things that occurred in your day

3. Write about what you believe will happen when you all come back together

4. Write about why you think you all are separated

5. Write about some of the things you hope your future husband is experiencing

6. Write a letter about letting them go

7. Write about your favorite memory together

Unique journal prompts

1. Draw a picture of what you would like you and your future spouse’s future to look like

2. Find examples of men or women who have the qualities you want in a future spouse and list them below

3. Thank God for your future spouse

4. Sketch your ideal wedding dress and wedding rings

5. Write down the qualities you would like to improve about yourself ( I explain more about why this is important in my novel Since When did Single Mean Sad)

Future Husband Journaling can be difficult; however, you don’t have to have writer’s block using these ideas.

Comment of the Day: What was your favorite prompt idea?

For more tips on how to journal to your future husband, as well as some tips to enjoy your single season, join my mailing list so you can pre-order my novel Since When Did Single mean Sad! Premiering in February of 2022!

Get to writing!



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