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10+ MUST HAVE Writing resources that every Author & Student Should Have to be Successful

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

There are many resources that I have used to successfully help me on my writers journey.


  • Microsoft Office Word: Microsoft Word is one of the best low-cost apps that you can use. It features sections, paragraph usage, spelling and grammar check, and more. The app also includes auto-save features so that you never lose your work. If you are just getting started with writing and want a dependable, low-cost, app check out Microsoft Word, which is available for Windows, MacBook, and More.

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is the best app I have ever downloaded on my computer. I happened to get a discount on it because my mother utilizes this app for her college courses. The app takes primary and spelling and grammar in Microsoft Word and takes it to a new level. Now, you do not have to worry about readers finding typos in your blog posts or jobs finding your writing queries to be full of errors. Bonus points if you are a student because my grades went up by ten to fifteen points on every assignment just from using this app. The basic plan is free. However, if you want extended Grammar help, I recommend the premium version starting at 12.00 a month.

Manuscript critique and coaching

  • Stephanie Newell: Stephanie Newell is a Youtuber and writing coach. She is super talented, and she helped me to be able to move forward in the process. Her manuscript critique enabled me to know where I could improve. I recommend her services to all writers.

  • Author Brittany Wang: I paid $150 to receive a course about how to build a website. She has a fantastic amount of testimonials and reviews. It was incredible to see the community that was made through this writer's boot camp program.

Author Tubers and Business Tubers that helped my inspiration

  • Author Sarah Sutton: Author Sarah Sutton is a Talented Youtuber who posts daily vlogs on topics such as writing books, getting past writer's block, and NaNoWriMo.

  • Sunny Lenarduzzi: Sarah Lenarduzzi is one of the most popular social media gurus on YouTube. She does not offer many tips on writing books, but if you are looking for videos about how to grow your online platform, then Sunny has you covered.

  • Joi Wade: Joi Wade got her beginnings as a natural hair and college Youtuber and now has her hair care line and her premiere novel about how to get into college. Check her out for tons of inspiration

  • Mel Torrefranca: Mel is one of my favorite authortuber yet. Her book "Capsule" is the best science fiction adventure novel that I have read. She also offers writing playlists and lifestyle vlogs.

  • Alexa Donne: Alexa Donne is great for Practical writing advice. She is the person to go to if you are unsure whether your writing is good enough to publish.

  • My Channel: I usually would not plug my channel, but I make content about building your brand by improving all aspects of your life. My current most popular videos are all about How to be more productive and edit my YouTube videos.

YouTube channel:

Other Resources Free: Canva: Canva is an excellent resource for all authors and creators. I currently use the website for everything, including making images for my blogs, Pinterest, and more. The best part? It is free for the basic version.

I hope you enjoyed these writer's resources. Sign up for my email list for more up-to-date information about new blog posts!

Scriptfully, G

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