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book since when did single mean sad nonfiction

Sorry, but the world has Lied to you about singleness.

A recent survey shows that nearly half of US adults are unmarried. This is a large percentage! 

And yet,

many single people feel ashamed and alone

"Until God told me to be single completely, I did not realize how amazing the single season can be when you take certain action steps. - So I put the steps in a book" 

- Gabrielle Denise

"Since When Did Single Mean Sad" does a great job with treating the reader as a close friend rather than a stranger receiving mundane life instructions, being courteous by handling more triggering subjects with delicacy and care, and providing a welcoming outlet for readers to cleanse, heal, and grow." 

- Amazon Reviewier



I  was almost 43, and my dear OH was 39 before I got married; so, being a Christian woman, I wondered what the Bible says about remaining single.

 In the process, I discovered that we're all well aware that the Lord has in mind a definitive plan for each of us...

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