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About the P and G Select Store

The bible talks about how God gives each person a purpose in the kingdom of God. Some people are singers, some people are dancers, some people are artists. I was born with a pen in my hand. At the age of eight years old, I decided I wanted to write my first book. That book did not get published unfortunately, but it was the start of something beautiful. And then in 2020 after much prayer and fasting I finished and published my first novel " Since when did Single Mean Sad" which is a book all about celebrating singleness as a christian woman.
After I finished my book, I knew that I was supposed to spread the news of Jesus Christ and Godly singleness to everyone. So, I found that one of the best way to do so was to make products that would compliment the book. As a result Positively Gabrielle Select was born.
My hope is that you can take some of the products and combine them. The throw pillows can be combined with our shawls and throw blankets around the household. Use our black mugs to drink tea as you read my novel. And even in more creative ways such as using our stickers on the mugs and making gifts with them.
If you love my shop and support the shop I would love if you would make a purchase :). Our shop makes customer satisfaction and high quality products our greatest priority.

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