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Since When did Single Mean Sad

Stop Being Ashamed, Start Living!

YA Nonfiction Teens/ Adult self help 

The world loves to preach that if you are single you are automatically ugly, unworthy, and not good enough. However, the bible discusses how we are not part of the world. Therefore, we have a responsibility to ourselves to know the truth. In this christian 30-day- Guided journal, we will be discussing topics such as how to deal with Trauma, how to find mentors, and more. 

My hope is that by reading this book and completing the daily journal prompts and exercises, you will feel encouraged. 

self help journal, self help, self help journal for women, guided journal. 

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Story Status 

outlining/ Drafting
Second Draft
Beta Reading
Professional editing
Cover Design

How to Pre-order a Hardcover

1. Join the email list to find out  when the book comes out 
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