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Sorry, but The World has lied to you about singleness.
They tell you that you need a mate to be happy but being Single is your superpower!
♥ DO people ask you why you aren’t in a relationship?
♥ DO you feel want to date but don’t know where to start?
♥ ARE you in a relationship that seems like it is not aligning with what God wants for you?

This Christian Guided Journal includes:

  • 30 INTENSE yet SIMPLE journal prompts to teach you how to date as a christian

  • 30 BIBLE scriptures for DAILY bible Meditation and dating in a godless world

  • Exercisesthat work with the guided journal bible scriptures to increase VISULIZATION and Self Betterment

  • Practical Resources for extended Guidance on Christian Singleness

By the end of this book, you will be able to answer questions like
♥WHY am I still single?
♥HOW can I safely approach online dating?
♥HOW can I be both spiritually and physically attractive?
♥HOW do I date in a godless world?
♥& WHAT do I need to look for in a partner
What people are saying….
“Wonderful book—”
“Honestly it is an amazing book------”
“A great book to spend your single season intentionally”
Stop being ashamed about being single. Are you ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE?
>Prayer journal for women to write in 2022- write your prayers as you go
>Christian journal for women with bible scriptures to help you connect with God during this season
>Christian relationship books for single women to love God, love others, and be free!

Book Synopsis


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Who the Book is for
  • christian/openminded

  • Singles 

  • People who are ready to be happy 

What People are saying

"★Wonderful book! This came at just the right time in my life. I can tell that there is so much wisdom and life experience that has been poured into this book, and it has helped tremendously with my own relationship with God and growth as a person.-Judah, Amazon Reviewer 

★ is an Amazing, book I've only skimmed through it mostly, definitely looking forward to fully getting invested into reading it.- Antonio, Amazon Reviewer 

Good read with prompted actions to cement the points of each day. It is best if you only read one day at a time to truly take in the author’s intentions.

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