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Are you feeling stuck?

You want to write that book, but you can't get started. 

You need to design a website, but the process is overwhelming. 

You feel shame like you should be doing something else, but you don't know what it is. 

Or, you know what it would be like to take flight-but don't know how to get there.

if so you are in the write place (Got my pun?) 
So who am I? Sorry, I didn't introduce myself.

My name is Gabrielle Denise. I am a 5-star author, website designer, radio host and God lover (Whoo that's a lot of titles)

I specialize in writing and have been writing for over 15 years. My books and papers have won multiple awards including the Amazon #1 New Release Award

But, I didn't take flight overnight, it took faith, hard work, and a community and that is what I hope I can be to you. I live by the motto "To God be the Glory", and I strive to please him in all work that I do! 

Gabrielle Denise Smiling at the camera
Black woman working at her computer


Since When did Single Mean Sad won #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Philosphy Ebooks 

At my last speaking engagement I sold out of all of my books on both days!

Since When did Single Mean Sad has an average 5 star review and has sold over 100 copies

I was a guest on 99.1 WQEE radio station. Listen here

I have made over 500 cold calls over the course of working with ispeak PR company

My degree is in communications which means I spent 4 years perfecting pitch creation, editing, writing skills, and design

Black woman relaxing and typing small business

With 5+ years of customer service experience, I will make sure you leave satisfied :)  and that you can take flight to achieve your dreams. 

"Good read with prompted actions to cement the points of each day. It is best if you only read one day at a time to truly take in the author’s intentions. If you are single and feel you are wondering without direction this book will help ground your feet to a path of understanding and direction of the single season you are in. Don’t delay, get started reading for only 30 days."

- A counselor's review

What's Next 

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