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About Positively Gabrielle 

About Positively Gabrielle 

Who am I?-

My name is Gabrielle, and I am a small author born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. As a child, I was always complimented on my ability to write, and I always said that one day I would write a novel with a goal to help people who would like to know more about Jesus, as well as, a collection of other fiction pieces. My first novel accomplished that purpose. 

What I do
for fun?

When I am not writing or furtively producing some type of content for my instagram account I love taking photos, watching sunsets, looking at pictures of cute dogs and hanging out with some of my best friends who got all my love. I also rep my HBCU, Hampton University even tho I do not attend there anymore #Class of 2022! Learn more about me by following me on Instagram :). 

What's my favorite social media site?

I used to believe that you had to be on every social media site to be successful. But then I learned from a "How to grow on social media course" that is best to focus on one. Now I post daily on instagram most of my content is funny reels! You can follow me at positively_gabrielle 

Will there be more books in the future?

I can hint that there may more one or two or five... more books coming. However, the best way to track when new books come out is to become a V.I.P member. VIP Members know everything first and get access to secret content and coupons! That is the only way to know what is going on behind the scenes. 

How long have you been single?

I am in my mid/early 20's and I have only ever been in one real relationship that lasted 6 months. So that means I have been single for about 19 years. But I usually say I have been single for about 10-15 because the formative years did not really "Count".

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What makes you qualified to give relationship advice?

Have you ever heard the phrase "out of the mouth of babes"? It is a saying that a lot of adults use when referring to something wise said by a child. I am of a firm belief that God gives wisdom to people of all ages. Though I am not a licensed professional therapist, I have been single for a majority of my life and have seen some of the pitfalls that can come from it. Also, when I was maturing my friends would always tell me that I gave good relationship advice. That being said, I do not cater to everyone with my books and understand that some people will down on me because of my age, which is very unfortunate. For those people, I bade them well in life and pray that God opens their mind later on in life. 

Will you post your books on your website?

For now, nothing is really out of the picture. Just know that if I ever do post my products on my website, those that are a part of my email list will receive a discount on their first orders and know which products will be on the site. :)

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